Steve Parsons

A Veteran Investigator and Researcher of Ghosts, Hauntings and  
Similar Phenomena. 

Steve has been interviewed many times about his interests, beliefs and thoughts on the paranormal. 

"Many believers call me a sceptic, many sceptics call me a believer, this I think demonstrates that my approach has and always will be completely objective and unbiased"

"Do I believe in ghosts? I absolutely believe that people see and report ghosts, the quantity and quality of their testimony puts that beyond question. For me it is not really a question of belief it is a quest for understanding - what are people seeing and experiencing and why are they having those experiences" 

"Ghost investigation is not dressing up in the team hoodie or logo'd T-shirt, it's not having flight cases full of equipment, it's not aimlessly wandering about in the dark and it's not rushing to get your latest EVP captures on to social media."

"If you need to draw a red circle around the anomaly in your picture it's probably not worth bothering about"