Steve Parsons

A Veteran Investigator & Researcher of Ghosts and Hauntings. 


The Art of the Ghost Hunter 

Steven Parsons

Published November 2015 by White Crow Books. Available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle formats

Ghostology is simply the study of Ghosts. It is not just about ghost hunting, neither is it is about parapsychology.

The study of ghosts - Ghostology, is not trying to capture apparitions on camera, although that is sometimes a part of it. It is not trying to record the sounds and the voices of the deceased or of spirits, although that too is a part of it. Ghostology is the holistic study of a fascinating aspect of our humanity, a shared human experience that dates back to the earliest civilisations and is common to all of them. 

Ghostology is not a “How to guide” for those seeking to investigate ghosts but it provides an up to date consideration and a discussion of the many methods and techniques that will prove helpful to anyone interested in the subject, for those who actively seek ghosts or who are merely interested in discovering more about this fascinating subject.



Sound and the Paranormal

Steven Parsons & Cal Cooper

Published June 2015 by White Crow Books.

Available on Amazon in Hardback, Paperback and Kindle formats. 

From the chain-rattling ghost of Pliny’s first century Athens to things that go bump in the night and 21st century electronic voice phenomena sound has always fascinated paranormal researchers. 

This unique book examines that fascination and presents a selection of the leading research in paranormal acoustics together with an in-depth review of the equipment and techniques that are used by researchers and investigators. 

It explores the physics and the psychology of sound and its association with the paranormal. Contributed chapters by leading experts in Infrasound, electronic voice phenomenon (EVP), séance tapping and other ghostly sounds encourage a multidisciplinary approach to the subject. 

Over the years Steve has contributed to journals, books, magazines and newspapers. Below are some examples although it is a far from complete list.

Ghost Hunters , A Guide to Investigating the Paranormal: Yvette Fielding & Ciarán O'Keeffe

Anomalous Experiences, Essays from Parapsychological and Psychological Perspectives: Matthew Smith

What Is A Ghost: Richard Felix

The Great Paranormal Clash: Dr Ciarán O'Keeffe & Billy Roberts

Ghost Hunting, A Survivors Guide: John Fraser

800 Years of Haunted Liverpool: John Reppion

Ghosts, Amazing & Extraordinary Facts: Malcolm Day

Haunted Hearts: Jessica Raymond

The Haunted Tour of Britain, Merseyside: Richard Felix

Haunted Wexford: Michael Benson


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